Black platforms use online love to reap friends repeatedly, so be careful when making friends online!
  SearchFx 2022-09-20 16:11:25
Description:At present, these scammers have begun to disguise themselves through dating platforms such as Douyin, Momo, and FaceBooK, and show a warm side on the Internet. After defrauding the victims of their trust by asking them about their health every day, they b

Different from the "short, flat and fast" scams of other scams, the biggest feature of the pig killing dish is to "raise pigs" in a long-term manner. The longer you raise them, the harder you kill them. Scammers will pretend to be a certain identity to meet you, chat with you, talk to you, and cultivate feelings. After you fully trust the other party, they will lure you to invest in gambling websites, and then disappear. At present, these scammers have begun to disguise themselves through dating platforms such as Douyin, Momo, and FaceBooK, and show a warm side on the Internet. After defrauding the victims of their trust by asking them about their health every day, they begin to induce the victims to invest in fake foreign exchange platforms. Recharge, and then defraud money.

In fact, this kind of deception happens to us all the time. Recently, a HOPFIST WEALTH trader user like Tianyan Jun complained that he met a beautiful woman on Facebook for the first time and asked to add friends.

After that, the woman on Facebook chatted enthusiastically with the victim every day. After chatting for a while, the beauty introduced the HOPFIST WEALTH dealer to the victim, and the victim's nightmare began.

The victim said: "I was embarrassed to refuse at first, but then I started trading on the HOPFIST WEALTH platform, and the female assistant on the platform enthusiastically brought the order. I made more and more money. Who knew that a copy operation would explode. The warehouse was deducted more than 1 million yuan, and the platform began to threaten to sue me, knowing where my home is, which caused me to borrow more than 800,000 yuan from the bank, and my family borrowed 400,000 yuan, and continued to demand money from me after paying back the money.”

So why does a good platform treat its customers like this? After investigating through the details page of foreign exchange sky-eye traders, we can find that traders like HOPFIST WEALTH are collectively referred to as black platforms. The principle of multiplication of value and sales, in the form of rolling or static capital circulation, removes the east wall to make up for the west wall, and pays the former members with the money of the later joining members. The network pyramid scheme is essentially a pyramid scheme fraud. It is extremely concealed, deceptive and socially harmful. Fooling the common people's desire for money and conducting underground fund-raising. This kind of fundraising rarely lasts for more than three years, because after one or two years, most of the fund owners will flee with their money.

On the Forex SkyEye trader details page, the platform’s score is only 1.1 out of 10. At the same time, the system prompts that the platform’s business area is suspicious and the risk is extremely high, which only shows that the trader is very dangerous.

At the same time, in terms of the most important regulatory license among foreign exchange dealers, the HOPFIST WEALTH platform has not obtained the corresponding license, and the license of the National Futures Association of the United States has not been authorized by relevant agencies.

The National Futures Association is an industry-wide, independent self-regulatory organization charged with overseeing the U.S. derivatives industry and providing innovative and effective regulatory programs. NFA is a registered futures association designated by the CFTC and is committed to maintaining the integrity of the derivatives market, protecting investors and ensuring that members fulfill their regulatory responsibilities.

Check their MT4/5: it is a white label operator, and in most cases, the white label operator has the risk of being unsupervised and without formal training. In addition, all trading warehouse receipts of customers may be rivals with white label operators.

In fact, the scam procedures of unscrupulous traders like HOPFIST WEALTH are very clear. The scammers will first look for targets on major online dating platforms, and then build trust with the victims, allowing the target victims to earn a little money with professional advice, so as to appear After the victims let down their vigilance, they used "quick money" and "high returns" step by step to lure the victims to recharge a large amount of cash to the platform again for fraud. Once the victim has invested a large amount of money, the "behind the scenes" can make huge profits by controlling foreign exchange currency pairs and currency value trends, setting profit and withdrawal thresholds. The reason is very simple. This type of website platform is often built by scammers. Users can only deposit money into this platform, and then buy and sell currencies here, and cannot conduct transactions elsewhere. Most funds and earnings shown are paper figures only.

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