Is the established trader Prospero Markets reliable?
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Description:Have you ever given up foreign exchange investment because of foreign exchange scams being exposed? Many people understand that foreign exchange investment is a good opportunity to make money, but they just don\'t know how to identify regular and reliable

Have you ever given up foreign exchange investment because of foreign exchange scams being exposed? Many people understand that foreign exchange investment is a good opportunity to make money, but they just don't know how to identify regular and reliable foreign exchange traders. In fact, there will be so-called black businessmen in any industry, and the foreign exchange industry is no exception, and it is even more difficult to distinguish the true from the false. Therefore, if you are going to invest in foreign exchange, you must be careful, and don't trust those foreign exchange traders who promise high returns. So is Prospero Markets Puhua Securities reliable?

Today, Mr. Tianyan will take you to have a comprehensive understanding of Prospero Markets Puhua Securities. Search for "Prospero Markets" on the homepage of Forex SkyEye to enter the dealer details page.

According to its official website, Prospero Markets is an Australian financial service provider headquartered in Melbourne, providing investors with trading services in foreign exchange, stocks, indices, CFDs and other financial derivatives. Puhua Prospero Markets) has been regulated by ASIC in Australia since 2012, and holds its full license authorized and licensed, regulatory number: 423034.

In terms of financial instruments, PROSPERO MARKETS provides investors with financial trading assets including foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities, stock indexes, stock CFDs, and VIX panic index.

Looking at the detailed data of traders on the official website of Forex SkyEye, it can be found that PROSPERO MARKETS has a trader risk control index of 9.8 points, a license index, a software index of 7.3 points, a business index of 8.09 points, and a regulatory index of 8.11 points. The overall score has reached 8.2 points. And the dealer also holds the Australian ASIC MM license.

Click on the corresponding license on the foreign exchange SkyEye dealer details page to learn more about the details of the broker's license, including the current regulatory status, license type, regulatory region and regulatory certificate number. In addition, you can see more details about the licensed institution, including the effective time of the license, the licensed institution's name, email address, website, address, phone number, etc.

In terms of MT4/5 trading software, formal main-label MT4/5 traders will have sound system services and follow-up technical support. Generally, their business and technology are relatively mature and their risk control capabilities are strong. And Puhua PROSPERO MARKETS does support MetaTrader 4. And there are 2 servers, both of which are deployed in the United States.

Through the comprehensive evaluation of Forex Sky Eye, the real situation of Prospero Markets Puhua Securities is basically consistent with the situation introduced by its official website.

In terms of account types, PROSPERO MARKETS provides two different trading accounts, namely standard accounts and professional ECN accounts. The minimum initial deposit for a standard account is AUD 500, and the minimum opening amount for an ECN account is AUD 20,000. Objectively speaking, the minimum account opening amount set by PROSPERO MARKETS is relatively high.

In terms of leverage, on the PROSPERO MARKETS platform, the maximum trading leverage for major currencies is 1:30, the trading leverage for minor currencies is 1:20, the leverage for spot gold is 1:20, and the maximum leverage for spot silver is 1:10, the maximum trading leverage of commodities such as crude oil is 1:10, the maximum trading leverage of stock indexes is 1:20, and the maximum trading leverage of stock CFDs is 1:20.

In terms of spreads and commissions, PROSPERO MARKETS offers a minimum spread of EURUSD of 0.1 point, a minimum spread of EURGBP of 0.5 point, a minimum spread of spot gold of 1.5 point, and a minimum spread of US crude oil futures (USOIL). The minimum point difference of UK crude oil futures (UKOIL) is 3.0 points, the minimum point difference of US30 index is 2.6 points, and the minimum point difference of SPX500 index is 0.45 points. Standard account transactions do not charge commissions, and ECN accounts charge a bilateral commission of 2 Australian dollars or 3 Australian dollars.

In terms of trading platforms, PROSPERO MARKETS provides traders with the currently popular MT4 trading platform, which provides 23 drawing tools and 30 built-in technical indicators, and supports EA automatic trading, including Market orders, pending orders, stop loss, take profit, and powerful charting tools can help traders implement complex trading strategies.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal, PROSPERO MARKETS supports traders through local transfer (deposit within 2 working days), BPAY (deposit within 2 working days), VISA/MasterCard credit card & debit card (deposit within 2 hours), PayPal (account within 1-2 hours, 3% fee for withdrawal), international wire transfer (arrival within 5 working days).

According to the regulatory information of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the dealer's office address is located at the address of PROSPERO MARKETS, an Australian licensed company: Suite 502 1 Castlereagh St Sydney 2000, and the survey personnel conducted a field visit to this location.

Finally, it was confirmed by the surveyor on-site that the actual address of PROSPERO MARKETS Australian licensed company is consistent with the regulatory address. Although the dealer holds a full license issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (regulatory license number: 423034), the employees are active and enthusiastic, and the company's location is convenient. Investors can make a choice after comprehensive consideration.

In recent years, scams such as "killing pigs" and "unable to withdraw money" on black platforms have continued to occur frequently. The cases and lessons of the victims hope to give the world a warning and reflection. You can let Forex Tianyan identify black platforms for you, and avoid the possibility of falling into the trap of black platforms!

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