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ayondo is an Internet finance company - rapid change and the civilianization of high-end finance is the soil on which we live. Ernst & Young has designed the most intuitive trading platform in the world and is committed to developing more financial instruments to enable people to enjoy the returns of the financial markets.

Founded in 2008, ayondo focuses on technology in the field of financial transactions and has won industry honors and recognition. The Group also offers a wide range of services in the Financial 2.0 sector, covering both retail and institutional sectors, and already has users from over 195 different countries using our services.

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  • Country:GB
  • Founding time:2008
  • Minimum deposit:0usd
  • Platform attribute:MT4/5
  • Minimum Contracts:--
  • Maximum lever:0
  • Spread type:--
  • Management model:--
  • Server timezone:--
  • Service telephone:+49 (0) 800 9999 94150
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  • Status:监管中
  • 牌照类型:全牌照(MM)
  • 监管国区:塞浦路斯
  • 监管证号:362/18
持牌机构:IC Markets (EU) Ltd 生效时间:2018年06月25日 持牌机构邮箱 到期时间: -- 持牌机构网址 持牌机构电话:35725761456

持牌机构地址:FraGklinou RoosvelT, 108, A.T. STAVRINIDES TOWER, Floor 2, FlaT 201 3011, LiMassol

持牌机构证明文件:盈凯 CySEC牌照[查看证明文件]


3.45Brand strength 0.00License supervision 0.00Capital security 0.00Trading environment 4.60Software risk control

Brand strengthBy the SearchFx team, the authenticity and value of the Broker's license are comprehensively evaluated through various means such as inquiring on the website of the regulatory agency, communicating with the regulatory agency by telephone and email.

License supervisionThe comprehensive level of traders' business is systematically evaluated by SearchFx consultants through business compliance verification model, business sustainability evaluation model and business life cycle verification model.

Capital securityMore than 40 factors, such as trader's instruction execution index, client's capital static index, global public opinion index, liquidity index and credit index, were monitored and evaluated by the SearchFx team in real time.

Trading environmentBy the SearchFx team, the regulatory level of traders is quantitatively evaluated through the regulatory grading standards, the actual regulatory value, the regulatory utility model and the regulatory anomaly prediction model.

Software risk controlSearchFx data engineers and test engineers dynamically track, test and evaluate whether the software is genuine, as well as more than 20 indicators such as software safety, stability and instruction execution speed.